This website is about words. Words that are read and words that are sung.

If you are a reader, you will be interested to know more about “The Lit Wagon”. This is a cosy place (my friendly camper van) where you can come and get some guidance on what to read next. Here I am at the Ilkley Literature Festival in October 2013.

Janet and the Lit Wagon

Join Janet for a Cuppa on the Lit Wagon

If you want to encourage others to read, please contact me for more information about shared reading groups.

If you are a singer – you will already know that singing is incredibly good for us! To find out more about choirs and singing groups that I run in East Lancashire, please follow this link to the Natural Voice Network.

Please contact me if you would like to come along to any of the above or if you would like one to one support to help to find your voice, to reduce snoring or to sing more beautifully.

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