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You can find information about reading and singing groups on my home page but I also lead voice workshops – offering you or your staff a half day workshop in voice projection. This focuses on how to produce a confident voice that is persuasive and interesting to listen to. Ideal for anyone involved in radio, media, telesales or who has to use their voice a lot. It is not about correcting accent or dialect, but will address personal concerns and help you if your voice sounds weak or breathy. Please make contact if you would like to know more.


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Canal bank of Burnley
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Walking along the canal in Burnley, with Canal and River Trust officer, Emma, and wildflower guru Russel (in whom we trust!), we came across more than 60 different species of wildflower!

Amazing! Not just because of so many different species but also because of the names these plants had found for themselves:
Butterbur (it used to be used for wrapping butter in)
Knitbone (no not “Nit bone” for getting rid of those pesky blighters! but a plant that was once used as a poultice to help bones to heal).
Eyebright (a white flower once used for keeping the whites of your eyes white)
Yellow rattle (because it rattles and is yellow! – i.e. it has seeds and flowers at the same time)
Ragged robin (because its pink flowers all look ragged and torn)
Arrowhead (It could be a heavy metal band and is just as amazing because its leaves look like arrows)
Flowering rush (It does what it says on the tin and has the wow factor of big spectacular flowers).

I can feel a canal poem coming on …. just like the wonderful Ian McMillan. Go to this link for a great chance to hear it and read along at the same time (just like our “Get Into Reading” groups).

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Strong Enough To Help
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I love stories which give you time and space to think things through. I think it is this ability to switch between reading and thinking that is so special about reading, and which I certainly don’t do when I’m watching the tele box. I found a great story yesterday courtesy of The Reader Organisation, in their latest Reader Magazine. Written by the wonderfully gifted David Constantine. It is called Strong Enough to Help and includes a paragraph where a man has to pause, or have what might be called an epiphany moment. We will be reading it in our reading groups any day now!

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