Get Into Reading Groups

Enjoy being read to!

Get Into Reading groups are a new type of reading group that help you to relax, concentrate and think things through. The people who join such groups include people who read and people who don’t! The overall aim is to increase feelings of well-being through the shared reading of good books and poems, but quite often we just enjoy the
chance to be able to explore some of the big questions of life while in conversation with others. The groups are all free, with each group led by someone who will read aloud so you don’t have to. All reading takes place within the session (so you don’t have to worry about reading anything before the session). The group often stops to discuss people’s immediate thoughts and memories about what has just been read, but you can sit back and just listen if you want to.

Groups in Libraries across Lancashire: Use this What’s On Guide to find a group near you.

Other groups run in care homes, day therapy centres and Approved Premises (on behalf of
Foundation UK). Please contact us if you would like to set up a group where you are.


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