The power of words

We will all suffer loss or get sick at some time in our lives. It is impossible to completely avoid such things, so instead we must all learn how to make sense of them through the power of words. In addition, because we understand words and the emotions behind them, we can feel more human. So words – whether they are read, spoken or sung are good for us as well as fun! Below are some links of organisations that we work with, but first try this poem for size:
After Surviving a Heart Attack
Took near demise
To make me wise
And realise

Paced at Leisure
Life gives pleasure
Greater measure

Senses keener
Greens taste greener
Air smells cleaner

Flowers look prettier
Jokes sound wittier
Sand feels grittier.

Life’s aims clearer
Close friends nearer
Dear ones dearer.

Pain surmounted
Blessings counted
Every single precious day.

Mervyn Hadfield, 2008. (Mervyn’s CD My Slice of Lancashire: a funny, heart warming CD read in Burnley dialect, can be obtained directly from us. Use the contact page if you want a copy – ideal for sending to relatives abroad!)

Here are some useful links in support of what we do
The Reader Organisation in collaboration with The University of Liverpool, are researching why reading matters.

Lancashire Libraries. Lancashire County Council have been a partner in all our projects, most especially the Library Service (now Cultural Services) who have supported staff to be trained and given space for groups to be held.

Secret Singers. I am currently running a number of groups focusing on singing for wellbeing and working with fellow Natural Voice Practitioner (and Occupational Therapist) Olwyn Pearce.


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